vestry 2017.pngThe 2017 Vestry (Church "Board")
Gary (Senior Warden), Michael (Rector),
Terri (Clerk), Mary, Gretchen.
Drew (insert), Julie, Betty, Mike (Junior Warden),
Steve (insert)





amethyst shooting star.JPG

Steve J.png


Sheryl (Treasurer)

Steve (Deacon)

Francy (Love In Action Team)

Bishop's Visit October 15, 2017 Planning

Current Vestry Members, Officers and Delegates here
Vestry Member Criteria, Expectations, Guidelines here

2017 Annual Parish Report here
(given to the Annual Parish Meeting 21st January 2018, including the Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting)

National Canons (Church Law) of the Episcopal Church are here

Episcopal Church in Minnesota Canons (Church Law) are here
(These are most helpful for understanding local governance)
St. Paul's Parish By-Laws here

Two more Vestry Resource links:

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........(Vestry Papers, articles about best practice, Vestry spirituality, stewardship etc.)

(Lots of helpful things on this our Episcopal Church in MN website too. Browse through, or look for the search window, type "Vestry" or "resources." )