Trucks have a long tradition at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
Over many years, men of the parish who have a truck or access to a truck have been engaged in ministry utilizing a truck. This ministry of moving things, furniture, people, households, from home to home, Habitat for Humanity, Clothes Line, The Food Shelf, back and forth, to and fro, has had a significant impact upon our community.

So we call this ministry ... wait for it ... Men With Trucks.
You don't have to own a truck; having access to one though your friend, neighbor, brother or Church will be just fine. In fact, just being able to ride around in a truck and help carry things is sufficient. It is recommended that a suitable baseball type of hat be worn so as to be properly recognized as engaging in the Men With Trucks Ministry.


Men With Trucks is becoming an institution
at St. Paul's, called to serve in many capacities, some having to do with trucks, others having to do with aspects of our ministry as yet undefined.

The Cylinder Index (CI) is a fun way to track the growth of Men with trucks. A Cylinder Index is computed for each member by adding up the number of cylinders in a members garage, sheds, back yard or basement or simply A member who owns a V8 truck has a Cylinder Index of eight. If they also own a lawnmower with two cylinders their CI is ten. We continue to add new participants in Men with Trucks and our aggregate CI continues to grow as show above, so lets keep our CI growing!!!

Take a look at the new lawnmower that Men with Trucks acquired for St. Paul's!
Brother Mike Gjerdahl did the research and chose
this rechargeable lithium Ion battery powered mower.
Nice job Mike and a great color as well!!

alan and mike.JPG

Who knew they could sing too?
John Sulivan.JPG

Aspiring deacon John Sullivan was
a stalwart member of the the Men with Trucks Choral Group