Francy_Hall_Admin.JPGFrancy is passionate about helping people. She honors our inter-connectedness, knowing that, no matter the difference in our journeys, we travel together on this earth and our journeys are made lighter and more meaningful when we treat each other with dignity, respect and love. Francy brings considerable experience to her Love In Action volunteer work, for the last 25 years she has worked in the fields of Social Work, Corporate Philanthropy, Nonprofit Fundraising, Nonprofit Management, and Congressional Constituent Advocacy. The common thread among these roles is that through them Francy served people in need and enabled organization to help people in need.

You may visit with Francy or other members of the Love In Action Team (Mary Levine, Mike Gjerdahl, Gary & Leanne Johnson, Bobbi Otteson, Carol McKernan and Sheryl Keith) here at St. Paul's on Mondays and Fridays from 1:00 - 3:00 PM.