Dr. Barbara Otteson

Bobbi Otteson was born in the 1950s in South Carolina where her family has lived for over 300 years. Her mother took pains to teach her about poetry and literature, music and painting. Her father taught the deep love of the natural world, and the importance of being honorable and keeping one's word.

She was educated at Swarthmore College and received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Delaware in 1982. She and her husband Dr. Jim Otteson practice together at The Mill Street House in Owatonna. They have raised five children together.

As an adult she has been blessed with generous teachers including Robert Bly and Martin Prechtel. She abandons her family twice a year to study in New Mexico, where the elders will tell you sacred stories that arise out of the holy earth and invite you to praise God by being "beautiful and grateful". They will sing to you about the harmony of all things living together, each moving according to its own nature.