Bishop Prior will visit October 15, 2017
As you read the following please invite the Spirit to inspire us to our brightest ideas


Context: 150th anniversary of the consecration of the first chapel, called the Guild Hall, on November 15, 1867 (later called "Upper Tanner")

Rehearsal for clergy,
crucifer, acolytes, lay readers, etc. on Saturday?


    • 9:30 Rehearsal for confirmands

    • 10:00 Liturgy

  • xxxxxxxo Gathering in Upper Tanner and Reconsecration of the first Chapel

  • xxxxxxxo Procession into Church

  • xxxxxxxo Confirmation and Reception

  • xxxxxxxo Eucharist

    • Parish Photograph

    • 11:20 Lunch

    • Meet with Vestry and other leaders

    • 12:30 Depart

How best to take advantage of the visit?
What can we do to maximize the Bishop’s presence?
group photograph afterwards inside? outside? LeAnne

Maggie and Pete will be present.


Begins with a gathering in Upper Tanner. Congregation moves into Church in a blob. Choir, liturgical assistants, clergy, Procession with Bishop from Narthex.
Gretchen will play and I have invited the Brave Hearts.
Kathy is absent, so the choir had not planned to sing.
We will do an ad hoc something.
Brave Hearts are confirmed -- David on flute, Cyrus on piano, Ambry & Cyrus working on "you raise me up"

(Jackie cancelled)

Choir rehearsal Wednesday 7:15

Confirmations receptions and reaffirmations make the service special.

Please talk this up.
Chad Erickson will be confirmed. (sponsors Gretchen and Marty)


Julie and Gayle are October Coffee Committee chairs. Sheryl is on the committee too.
Pot luck
Pot luck. Bring hot dish or salad.

Meeting with Bishop Brian

What do we want to show the Bishop?
What would we like him to know?
What would we like him to do for us?